We are an innovative technology company developing novel nanoparticle-based tools for Medical Imaging and Nano Diagnostics.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia accounting for over 70-80% of the cases and affecting 50 millions of people worldwide. As the population grows and ages, by 2050 the number of people suffering from AD will increase to 130 million. In Hong Kong, there is one in every ten local seniors over 70 years old suffering from dementia The number has risen up to one in every three seniors reaching the age of 85. As the life expectancy is expected to increase, the AD patient number will continue to grow. By 2039, it is estimated that there will be over 300 000 Hong Kong senior suffering from dementia. Until now, the progress in developing a cure for AD is still far from satisfactory. As there is no effective treatment available to halt or reverse the underlying pathology of AD, only early diagnosis and early intervention are the best chance to ameliorate the symptoms of this devastating disease.
Our company provides a cost-effective, simple, direct yet sensitive platform for early neurodegenerative diseases detection and diagnostics. Benefiting from our designed fluorophore, it is the first detection assay capable of measuring the subtle changes in the expression profile of disease associated biomarkers. In fact, our Company was recognized by the Innovation and Technology Commission and awarded a joint University Science and Technology Start-up Funding Scheme (Ref. No.: ) to further our research and development in this area.

Two different diagnostic approaches will be further developed:

Direct quantification
A non-invasive and user-friendly magnetic nanoparticle platform for direct quantification of circulating biomarkers in body fluids.
MRI imaging
A novel biomarker specific MRI contrast agent for in-vivo imaging of the disease-associated protein plaque in the brain.
These diagnostic tools provide a practical platform for population-wide screening for neurodegenerative diseases.

Our technology is beneficial for:

Senior citizens
Individuals at high risk
Patients and their families

We are also strongly committed to advance the research of neurodegenerative diseases to the next level.

MIND and Tech's Team

Prof. Wong Man Shing (Ricky)


Functional molecular materials, chemo-/bio-sensors, supramolecular chemistry and organic chemistry.


Prof. Li Hung Wing (HW Li)


Biomolecular interactions and biomarkers sensing with the aid of fluorescence microscopic methods


Miss Fan Tze Wing (Wing)

Project Manager

Person-in charge of the company operations