Bill Gate said " It's hard to overstate how important finding a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use diagnostic is for stopping Alzheimer's."

Detection of circulating biomarkers is a new trend for disease diagnosis

Our detection assay is highly sensitive and capable of measuring the content of such proteins in saliva or urine. This assay is practically useful as it is a rapid and low-cost alternative for accurate diagnosis of AD. It has a wide dynamic range and only requires a minute amount of sample (a few microliter). The newly developed assay can potentially serve as a point-of-care tool for the diagnosis of AD.

Our innovation kit

Experimental cut-off of circulating AD biomarkers

BiomarkerSerumSalivaOur LoD
Beta-amyloid(1-42)Smaller than 1.34 pg/mLSmaller than 1.6 pg/mL0.103 pg/mL
TauLarger than 344.59 pg/mL 0.642 pg/mL
p-TauLarger than 147.5 pg/mL 1.56 pg/mL


Peace of mind despite lack of treatment options
Conventional instrument
Results after 1.5 h

USD 100
50 times lower
1 drop of blood